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Genetic Control of Lithium Sensitivity and Regulation of Inositol Biosynthetic Genes

Figure 1

Loss of dpoA reduces Li+ sensitivity.

A, PO activity peaks at 8 hours of Dictyostelium development, and then declines to levels only slightly higher than in growing cells (0 hours of development). Error Bars: mean ± standard error of 3 independent experiments. Peak activity corresponds to streaming and mound developmental stages. B, Cell tracks of wild type and mutant cells in 7 mM LiCl (or control of 7 mM NaCl) during chemotaxis along a 1 nM/µm cAMP gradient (direction of arrow). D = Directionality, S = cell speed (µm/min). dpoA null mutants have a reduced Li+ sensitivity, showing higher Directionality and speed than wild type in Li+.

Figure 1