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First Person Experience of Body Transfer in Virtual Reality

Figure 2

Participants were transferred to the other side of the room.

(A) In the 1PP condition their body was substituted by that of the girl's (white shirt), and when looking down at themselves they would see her body. (B) Looking up they would now see that the woman (brown sweater) was standing by them. (C) The woman stroked their shoulder. (D) Looking left they would see the reflection of the girl and the woman in a mirror. (E) They were seeing the room and hearing the sounds from the TV from the perspective of the opposite side than in the first two minutes. (F) In the 3PP condition they would be located to the right of the girl, and so see her and her reflection in the mirror – in the case shown with her head moves synchronized with their own head moves. (G) Later the viewpoint shifted near to the ceiling and the woman continued to stroke the shoulder of the girl, but the participant did not feel this. (H) Suddenly the woman struck the girl three times around the face - the wide-field-of-view in this image corresponds more precisely to what the subject would have seen.

Figure 2