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The MinCDJ System in Bacillus subtilis Prevents Minicell Formation by Promoting Divisome Disassembly

Figure 7

MinD-GFP overexpression increases the cell length.

A. Nutrient agar plates containing, from top to bottom, 0, 0.5%, and 1% xylose inoculated with strains MinD+ (SB076), MinD+ ΔminJ (SB078), MinC+ (SB080), MinC+ ΔminJ (SB082). Cells overexpressing MinD in ΔminJ have a growth defect and grow with difficulty on nutrient agar plates supplemented with 0.5 and 1% xylose. B. MinD overexpression in ΔminJ (SB078) results in extremely long filamentous cells. C. MinD-GFP localizes in foci all over the cell when overexpressed (with 1% xylose) in ΔminJ background (SB052). D. MinD overexpression in wild type (SB076) leads to weak filamentation, although many cells are of normal length. E. MinC overexpression in ΔminJ (SB082) does not lead to any increased filamentation (see also Table 1). Scale bar is 5 µm.

Figure 7