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The MinCDJ System in Bacillus subtilis Prevents Minicell Formation by Promoting Divisome Disassembly

Figure 4

GFP-PBP-2B remains at the cell pole in Δmin cells.

A. Shown are strains SB088 (GFP-PBP-2B), SB092 (GFP-PBP-2B ΔminD), and SB090 (GFP-PBP-2B ΔminJ) grown with (+) and without (−) 1 mM IPTG (pre-cultures were grown with 1 mM IPTG). From left to right is shown the membrane stain, GFP-PBP-2B and a merged image. Scale bar is 5 µm. B. Western blot of different ftsZ/min mutants with α-PBP-2B. The loading pattern of the different lanes is as follows: 1/5: FtsZ+ (strain 1801), 2/6: FtsZ+ GFP-PBP-2B+ (strain SB088), 3/7: FtsZ+ ΔminD GFP-PBP-2B+ (strain SB090), 4/8: FtsZ+ ΔminJ GFP-PBP-2B+ (strain SB092), 9: wild type (strain 168), 10: ΔminJ (strain RD021), 11: ΔminDJ (strain SB075), 12: GFP-PBP-2B (strain 3122). Lanes with molecular mass standard are labelled with M. Induction of GFP-PBP-2B was done with 0.5% xylose and FtsZ expression was induced with 1 mM IPTG (FtsZ+) or depleted (FtsZ). Note that a full-length GFP-PBP-2B band is at 106.2 kDA and the native PBP-2B band is seen at 79.1 kDa.

Figure 4