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The MinCDJ System in Bacillus subtilis Prevents Minicell Formation by Promoting Divisome Disassembly

Figure 3

Time-lapse microscopy of FtsA-YFP.

On the left, FtsA-YFP in wild type (SB067), center: in ΔminJ (SB066) and right in ΔminCD (SB060). Numbers on the left indicate minutes and numbers on the FtsA-YFP images show the generation of the rings. In wild type, ring 1 rapidly disappears and new rings are formed at midcell of the two progeny cells (rings 2) which also disappear after division is complete, while new rings again appear at midcell. In the absence of MinJ, the FtsA-YFP ring in this strain (ring 1) is not disassembled and instead begins forming double rings (rings 2). The same was observed for ΔminCD. The merge image is an overlay of the phase contrast image with the corresponding FtsA-YFP signal.

Figure 3