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Real-Time Decision Fusion for Multimodal Neural Prosthetic Devices

Figure 3

Initial testing of fusion decoders.

(A) Decoded velocity trajectories for four trials. The true velocities are shown in red. The fused ANN and fused Kalman filter decodes are shown in brown and black, respectively. Individual decoders are plotted in varying shades of grey. (B) Erms of 144 neural networks for four trial decodes. We examined a range of single and double hidden-layer networks to optimize the fusion results. Rows correspond to 1st-layer sizes, while columns are 2nd-layer sizes. Note the first column in each matrix corresponds to all single hidden-layer networks. Interestingly, many single hidden-layer networks outperform more complex networks, indicating the dynamic accuracies of different neural network topologies. Table 2 displays the corresponding Erms values for each decoder.

Figure 3