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The Anopheles gambiae Odorant Binding Protein 1 (AgamOBP1) Mediates Indole Recognition in the Antennae of Female Mosquitoes

Figure 1

Fluorescence screening system for the detection of native ligands for OBPs.

Three concentrations of each ligand (16 µM, 8 µM and 4 µM) were tested using 4 µM of r-OBP1 (left panel). Indole was found to bind r-OBP1 as increasing concentrations of indole displaced more dye from the AgamOBP1 binding pocket. (right panel) Binding curve of 3H indole to r-OBP1 in Ni-NTA FlashPlates. Specific binding was determined after background subtraction from uncoated wells. Curve fitting was performed with GraphPad Prism and the calculated KD is 2.3 µM±0.3 (95 % CI).

Figure 1