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Using Ecological Null Models to Assess the Potential for Marine Protected Area Networks to Protect Biodiversity

Figure 3

Reserve network performance under three selection scenarios: 1) sites selected at random (black line), 2) sites selected by choosing the single richest site from each jurisdiction (red line), and 3) sites selected by choosing the richest sites regardless of jurisdiction (blue line).

We used the 15 country designations specified in the AGRRA database as our jurisdictional units. Each line represents the proportion of all species protected as a function of the number of reserved sites under each of the three scenarios. Error bars are ±1 standard deviation. For scenarios 2 and 3, when two or more sites had the same richness, one of these sites was selected at random (thus, scenario 3 has error bars). Similarly, when selecting fewer sites than the total number of jurisdictions considered in scenario 2, we randomly identified jurisdictions to choose sites from (thus, error bars decrease as the number of reserves approaches the number of jurisdictions).

Figure 3