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Self-Organized Criticality Theory of Autoimmunity

Figure 1

Induction of autoantibodies and proteinuria.

BALB/c mice were repeatedly injected i.p. with 25 µg SEB, 500 µg OVA or PBS every 5 d. (A) Serum IgG- and IgM-RFs, anti-galactose-deficient IgG and anti-Sm antibodies were measured using ELISA. The arbitrary unit (AU) of 1.0 is equivalent to the titer obtained from sera of prototypic autoimmune MRL/lpr mice. Data from each mouse are connected by dotted lines. (B) Adoptive transfer of splenic B, T, CD4+ T or CD8+ T cells of SEB-, OVA- or PBS-immunized BALB/c mice into naïve BALB/c mice. The recipient mice were given single i.p. injection of 25 µg SEB or 500 µg OVA 24 h after cell transfer, and autoantibodies were measured 2 weeks later. (C) Adoptive transfer of cells from OVA-immunized BALB/c mice into β2m-deficient mice.

Figure 1