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Protection of Stem Cell-Derived Lymphocytes in a Primate AIDS Gene Therapy Model after In Vivo Selection

Figure 6

Flow-cytometric analysis of transgene-expressing cells in peripheral blood subpopulations and bone marrow CD34+ cells.

(A) Displayed is the percentage of transgene positive cells in different leukocyte subpopulations in the peripheral blood of monkey M05189 that received the C46 membrane fusion inhibitor and EGFP-expressing vector. In this macaque EGFP-expressing cells were found at significant percentages in all lineages examined. (B) Lineage-specific staining for macaques M05189 and M05270. Macaque M05189 and the control EYFP arm of M05270 had significant percentages of transgene-expressing cells in all lineages. For the experimental EGFP-expressing arm of M05270 that received the vector with the C46 fusion inhibitor and the U6-driven site I shRNA, the percentage of transgene-expressing cells was low in all lineages examined.

Figure 6