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Protection of Stem Cell-Derived Lymphocytes in a Primate AIDS Gene Therapy Model after In Vivo Selection

Figure 5

Transgene expression levels in peripheral blood cells of macaques and MGMT-mediated in vivo selection using O6BG and BCNU.

The percentages of EGFP and EYFP-expressing leukocytes detected by flow-cytometry are shown for monkeys M05189 (A) and M05270 (B). Granulocytes and lymphocytes were gated based on forward and side-scatter properties and the percentage of EGFP or EYFP-expressing gated cells is shown. Administration of O6BG and BCNU to macaque M05189 is indicated by an arrow. For animal M05270 the control arm vector transduced cells are shown with back diamonds connected by a solid line (granulocytes) or dotted line (lymphocytes), and anti-HIV vector RSC-UsI-SC46-IMPGW transduced cells are shown by open boxes connected by a solid line (granulocytes) or dotted line (lymphocytes).

Figure 5