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Protection of Stem Cell-Derived Lymphocytes in a Primate AIDS Gene Therapy Model after In Vivo Selection

Figure 1

Lentiviral anti-HIV vectors.

The lentiviral vector RSC-SMPGW contains an SFFV promoter (S) driving expression of the P140K mutant of MGMT (M) and also contains a human PGK promoter (P) driving expression of EGFP (G). This vector also contains a safety modified woodchuck hepatitis virus post transcriptional regulatory element (W). The following anti-HIV transgenes were added to this vector; the transmembrane-localized C46 HIV envelope fusion inhibitor expressed from the SFFV promoter with an IRES expressing MGMT (RSC-SC46-IMPGW), and the U6 driven tat/rev site I shRNA combined with the C46-expressing vector (RSC-UsI-SC46-IMPGW). The long terminal repeats (LTR) and lentiviral cis-acting region (CAR) are also indicated.

Figure 1