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Manganese Enhances Prion Protein Survival in Model Soils and Increases Prion Infectivity to Cells

Figure 8

Manganese Enhances Infectivity of Prions.

SMB-PS cells, transfected to overexpress mouse PrP, were treated with or without manganese while exposed to PK treated extracts from scrapie infected SMB cells. Different dilutions of the extracts were applied. After treatment and further incubation, protein extracts were prepared from the treated cells. Half of each extract was treated with PK and equivalent amounts electrophoresed and western blotted. Immunodetection of PrP showed bands corresponding to PrP in all PK untreated lanes but bands were only present in PK treated lanes where infection was successful. Treatment with manganese increased the sensitivity of SMB-PS cells to infection. Experiments were repeated 4 times with the same result.

Figure 8