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Manganese Enhances Prion Protein Survival in Model Soils and Increases Prion Infectivity to Cells

Figure 5

Metals and Survival of recombinant PrP.

Western blots to detect PrP (ICMS-18) in recombinant PrP desorbed from mte after either 0 or 24 months. Samples of fresh control protein (con) not absorbed to the mte were also run on the same blots. The mte was either treated with no additional metals (H2O) or with the addition of manganese of copper. Densitometric analyses of 3 western blots for each condition is shown at the bottom. Quantitation was of the 25 kD band. All intensity readings are relative to the protein desorbed from the mte with manganese. Shown are the mean and s.e.

Figure 5