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Manganese Enhances Prion Protein Survival in Model Soils and Increases Prion Infectivity to Cells

Figure 2

Desorption Causes Protein Truncation.

Blot comparing protein desorbed from the clay probed with (i) ICMS-18 and (ii) 8B4 ant-PrP antibody. The conditions are compared with 1) Fresh recombinant PrP and rPrP desorbed from mte with 2) 10% SDS 25°C, 3) desorption buffer 25°C, 4) 2 M NaCl 25°C, 5) 10% SDS 100°C, 6) desorption buffer 100°C, 7) 2 M NaCl 100°C.

Figure 2