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A Basal Sauropodomorph (Dinosauria: Saurischia) from the Ischigualasto Formation (Triassic, Carnian) and the Early Evolution of Sauropodomorpha

Figure 6

Postcranial axial skeleton the new basal sauropodomorph Panphagia protos (PVSJ 874).

(A)-Posterior cervical vertebra (presumptive C8) in ventral view. (B)-Anterior cervical vertebra in lateral view. (C)-Posterior cervical vertebra (presumptive C7) with abnormal outgrowth in dorsal view. Dorsal neural arch in lateral (D) and posterior (E) views. First primordial sacral (S1) in lateral (F) and dorsal (G) views. (H)-Posterior caudal vertebrae in lateral view (reversed). Abbreviations: ao, abnormal outgrowth in prezygapophysis; d, diapophysis; e: eminence; ha, haemal arch; hs, hyposphene; lk, lateral ventral keels; lr, lateral ridge; ns, neural spine; os, oval scars; p, parapophysis; prz, prezygapophysis; poz, postzygapophysis; sr, sacral rib; tp, transverse process; vk, median ventral keel. Scale bar equals 1 cm.

Figure 6