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A Basal Sauropodomorph (Dinosauria: Saurischia) from the Ischigualasto Formation (Triassic, Carnian) and the Early Evolution of Sauropodomorpha

Figure 3

Preserved skull bones of the new basal sauropodomorph Panphagia protos (PVSJ 874).

Right nasal in lateral (A) and dorsal (B) views. (C)-Right prefrontal in lateral view. (D)-Left frontal in dorsal view. (E)-Left parietal in dorsal view. (F)-Left quadrate in posterior view. (G)-Supraoccipital in posterior view. (H)-Right prootic in lateral view. Abbreviations: avp, anteroventral process of nasal; en, external nares; fmb, dorsal border of foramen magnum; ip, internarial process; lf, lateral flange; me, median eminence; nf, lateral fossa on nasal; o, orbit; PFs, prefrontal suture; plp, posterolateral process of nasal; POs, postorbital suture; pptm, M. protractor pterygoideus attachment; PTf, pterygoid flange; Qc, quadrate condyle; Qf, quadrate foramen; stf: supratemporal fossa; stfb, medial border of supratemporal fossa; V, trigeminal notch; vcdf, vena capitis dorsalis fossa. Scale bar equals 1 cm.

Figure 3