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Copying and Evolution of Neuronal Topology

Figure 9

False positive error correction mechanism implemented using ‘observer’ neurons (EC1) that negatively neuromodulate neuron A′ in the copy layer on the basis of differences in firing between the parental (A) and copy (A′) layer neuron.

We assume C is undergoing stimulation (1) when EC1 acts. False negative error correction mechanism (EC2) implemented using ‘observer’ neurons that positively neuromodulate inputs that pass to a poorly firing neuron (C′) in the copy layer from the neuron that is undergoing interventional stimulation (in this case we assume B is undergoing stimulation (2)) when EC2 acts. EC1 and EC2 type neurons are required for each neuron pair, A, A′, B, B′ and C, C′ and their neuromodulatory outputs must pass widely to all synapses in the child layer.

Figure 9