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Copying and Evolution of Neuronal Topology

Figure 6

(Top Left)

Weight matrices for two 50 neuron layers at the beginning, middle and end of the experiment. Weights in L0 are copied without error to L1. (Middle Left) Dynamics of weight change during the 1000 s experiment. Weights in L1 increase monotonically. (Bottom Left) A sample of the pattern present in L0. Strong weights pass from left to right, separated by weakly connected neurons. (Right) The weight matrix and corresponding view of the two layers at the end of an experiment with this time only 10 neurons in each layer. Again, copying is perfect, i.e. the red left-to-right connections (the neuronal equivalent of p-bonds) are copied perfectly from L0 to L1. Thick blue lines show fixed vertical connections from L0 to L1 (the neuronal equivalent of h-bonds).

Figure 6