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Independence of Echo-Threshold and Echo-Delay in the Barn Owl

Figure 7

Potential explanation for localization dominance in the responses of neurons to single sounds.

(A) PSTH showing the median neural responses that were evoked, in our sample of cells, by single-source targets (shown also in Fig. 2A). (B) Neural responses measured in time-windows of length and position that were the same as the lead-alone (onset; blue lines) or lag-alone segments (offset; red lines) under the standard paradigm. (C) Median responses evoked by lag-alone segments (orange line; shown also in Fig. 3A) and by single sounds during equivalent time-windows (red line; redrawn from panel A). The green line shows the proportion of lag-directed saccades for all subjects under the standard paradigm (shown also in Fig. 6A).

Figure 7