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Independence of Echo-Threshold and Echo-Delay in the Barn Owl

Figure 2

Peri-stimulus time histograms (PSTHs) showing neural responses evoked by a subset of stimuli.

Each bar shows the median neural response (>50 repetitions/cell; 1-ms bins). Thin lines show the first and third quartiles (Q1, Q3). Each cell's response was normalized to the maximum number of spikes evoked, within a single bin (usually the first or second bin after 0-ms), by 30 ms noise-bursts presented from the center of each cell's SRF [11]. (A) Responses evoked by a single 30 ms target. (B) Responses evoked by a single 30 ms masker. (C) Responses evoked by two, simultaneous, uncorrelated, noise-bursts presented from both the masker and target loci. (D) Responses evoked when the target led by 3, 12 or 24 ms. (E) Responses evoked when the target lagged.

Figure 2