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Sexually Antagonistic Selection in Human Male Homosexuality

Figure 3

Equilibrium frequencies and total fecundity increase due to the GFMH.

(A) Predicted correlation, under varying γ, between the equilibrium proportion φ of GFMH-carrying females and the equilibrium proportion η of GFMH-carrying males in the population, for model (4b) - sexually antagonistic two X-linked loci. Plots are at constant α. (B) Predicted total fecundity increment Δf in the population at equilibrium due to the presence of the GFMH, as a function of the equilibrium proportion η of homosexuals. Plots are at constant α (red plot: α = 1.2; green plot: α = 1.8; blue plots: 1.2<α<1.8).

Figure 3