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Gene Characterization Index: Assessing the Depth of Gene Annotation

Figure 4

A. Distribution of GCI Scores for Genes in Selected Protein Families and Classes.

750 G Protein-Coupled Recptors: 79 DTG, 671 NDTG; 50 Nuclear Receptors: 23 DTG, 27 NDTG; 66 Ligand-Gated Ion Channels: 21 DTG, 45 NDTG; 111 Potassium Ion Channels: 14 DTG, 97 NDTG. B. Genome-wide GCI Score Distribution for Drug Targets, Patented and All Other Genes. Based on genome release July 2006: 1095 drug targets, 14237 patented, 14913 non-target, non-patented genes. 10867 non-targeted, non-patented genes were highly uncharacterized with GCI scores <3.5.

Figure 4