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Causal Inference in Multisensory Perception

Figure 2

Combination of visual and auditory cues.

a) The experimental paradigm is shown. In each trial a visual and an auditory stimulus is presented simultaneously and subjects report both the position of the perceived visual and the position of the perceived auditory stimuli by button presses. b) The influence of vision on the perceived position of an auditory stimulus in the center is shown. Different colors correspond to the visual stimulus at different locations (sketched in warm to cold colors from the left to the right). The unimodal auditory case is shown in gray. c) The averaged responses of the subjects (solid lines) are shown along with the predictions of the ideal observer (broken lines) for each of the 35 stimulus conditions. These plot show how often on average which button was pressed in each of the conditions. d) The model responses from c) are plotted with the human responses from c). e) The average auditory bias , i.e. the influence of deviations of the visual position on the perceived auditory position is shown as a function of the spatial disparity (solid line) along with the model prediction (dashed line).

Figure 2