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Possible Diagnostic Test

Posted by cynt on 19 Oct 2013 at 23:53 GMT

Many infectious diseases have an abnormal odor: examples include BV and vaginal Trichomonas. Numerous patient’s with Morgellons Disease report an abnormal odor from lesions or from clothing that has been in contact with affected areas.

From my experience, this unique odor is detected by the following procedure: Soak a 100% cotton pad in acetone and swab pad over closed lesions. This liberates a pungent, unpleasant and unique odor and a faint yellow color is visible on the cotton pad. The odor and yellow tint is absent when the (acetone-saturated) pad is swabbed over unaffected areas. Additionally, this tint and odor can be transferred to towels, nylons or clothing directly or indirectly from hands or lesions.
Candidates for testing should NOT have a recent history of antibiotic use or the use of effective solvents that remove scales.

Clinique 2® clarifying lotion for dry combination skin used to be excellent for removing scales and reducing pruritus (itching) from Morgellons’ lesions. Now that disodium EDTA and other ingredients have been removed, this product is no longer effective.

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