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Building Understanding

Posted by morgellonsjoe on 30 Jan 2012 at 21:54 GMT

“I suggest professionals and sufferers alike consider recent studies; they have provided physiological parameters defining the condition (Harvey, et. al. 2009), found, ‘…fibers under the skin of 100% of those thought to be sufferers’ (Wymore, accessed 7/27/11), and provided patients’ input on defining the condition (Amin 2010). These studies and the endless personal accounts of sufferers confirm Morgellons as a true medical condition with severe symptoms and extreme suffering” (Keleher 2012).

Harvey et. al. 2009 defined less spectacular shared symptoms among sufferers including low body temperature, high resting heart rate, high rate of miscarriages, endocrine disorders and others. Wymore and associates have focused on defining fiber symptoms (and share the FBI was unable to find a match for fibers). Amin 2010 gives sufferers’ a voice to share their own observations. Building off the known is certain to better define this condition and hopefully lesson or eliminate the suffering.


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