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Publication of re-analysis of a subset of the raw data

Posted by chalkley on 14 Jun 2011 at 23:11 GMT

We have just published an article in PLoS One that is a re-analysis of the raw mass spectrometry data from three of the fractions in this Bromenshenk et al study:
We gained access to three of the raw data files (Xcalibur .raw files) from Dr Wick, one of the authors on the original study. By searching the data using standard search parameters against the whole NCBInr database, we found no evidence that peptides from Iridovirus and Nosema were present in these fractions, but were able to re-interpret a significant percentage of the spectra assigned to viral peptides as being peptides derived from bee proteins.
We have made the raw data from these fractions available on Tranche if other people wish to independently re-assess the data.

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