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A brief note from the authors

Posted by Colins on 24 Aug 2011 at 08:56 GMT

Dear PLoS ONE Readers,

The intention of this paper is to provide an accessible "proof-of-principle" introduction to massively parallel sequencing (MPS) studies of the malaria parasite "italic" Plasmodium falciparum "end italic", using a small number of well-characterised patient isolates. We therefore focussed on a few questions familiar to malariologists:

- How many clones are present in this patient?

- Which drug resistant genotypes are present?

- Are there gene deletions or amplifications?

- Can we extract comprehensive genetic data from the mitochondrial genome using MPS?

We would welcome comments and suggestions from readers to inform our approach to future papers, particularly with regard to accessibility of the methodology used.

Competing interests declared: Corresponding author of the article.