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Posted by PLOS_ONE_Group on 09 Mar 2013 at 00:25 GMT

The following article represents some of the media coverage that has occurred for this paper:

Title: “Study: College football players may have longterm brain injuries without a concussion |”

Publication: Bloomberg Business Week
Title: “New Research Points to Brain Injuries in College Football - Businessweek”

Publication: CBS News
Title: “Brain damage found in college football players who didn't suffer concussions, study suggests - CBS News”

Publication: Cleveland Clinic
Title: “Cleveland Clinic Study Uncovers Risk of Brain Damage in College Football Players, Even Among those Without Concussions”

Title: “Non-concussion football head hits can cause brain changes, Cleveland Clinic-led study finds |”

Publication: Counsel & Heal
Title: “Consistent Hits to the Head Can Lead to Brain Damage, Study Reports : Experts : Counsel & Heal”

Publication: Everyday Health
Title: “Brain Injuries May Trigger MS-Like Response - Multiple Sclerosis Center -”

Publication: Fox Sports
Title: “Study: Non-concussive hits also impact brain”

Publication: Futurity
Title: “ - Head injuries may spark immune system attack”

Publication: HealthDay
Title: “Football Injuries May Trigger Harmful Immune System Response”

Publication: KSTC TV
Title: “KSTC-TV, Channel 45 | Study: Football-Related Brain Damage Can Happen Without Concussions”

Publication: Medical Daily
Title: “Brain Injuries In Athletes May Be Detected By Blood Test : US/World : Medical Daily”

Publication: MedPage Today
Title: “Even Mild Hits to Head Disrupt Blood-Brain Barrier”

Publication: My Health News Daily
Title: “Hits to Head May Spur Brain-Damaging Immune Response |”

Publication: NBC Rio Grande Valley
Title: “Re-Examining Head Injuries | KVEO News Center 23 | The Rio Grande Valley's News and Weather”

Publication: PopSci
Title: “How Football Hits Could Lead To An Immune Attack On The Brain | Popular Science”

Publication: Sports Illustrated
Title: “Study: blood test could detect brain damage in active athletes - More Sports - David Epstein -”

Publication: Top News US
Title: “Concussions Could Lead to Severe Brain Injuries in Collegiate Football | TopNews United States”

Publication: University of Rochester Medical Center
Title: “Study Suggests New Way of Thinking about Brain Injury - As Autoimmune Disorder - News Room - University of Rochester Medical Center”

Publication: USA Today
Title: “Study indicates brain injuries among college football players”

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