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Attractor dynamics

Posted by mapologist on 08 Feb 2011 at 04:10 GMT

The results in this paper would have been quite predictable by dynamical systems theory: the transcranial stimulation may have modulated the attractor landscape of the brain (i.e., neural networks) by external electromagnetic forces, so that the brain is not "stuck" any more in some inflexible attractors or "prejudices" or "first guesses" or "biases" (or "mental templates", according to these authors).

As usual: there is no "science", but only technology...

I wonder when the time is coming to apply transcranial stimulation in schools and during pedagogic interventions (i.e., another --- very old --- way and method to shift and sculpt neural networks and attractors in vivo and in real-time).

But "good" teachers (and non-invasive methods) are becoming extremely rare throughout the world...

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