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Beneficial Undergraduate Experience

Posted by bmcsorley on 12 Oct 2011 at 03:54 GMT

Taking part in this natural history study has not only been a great experience, but it has also prepared me for my future as a physician. This class offered me the opportunity to become aware of rare diseases, such as NPC. It is rare for an undergraduate student to be exposed in detail about a rare disease. Because of this truth, it is critical that this class be expanded to other universities. Rare disease communities need as much awareness and research as they can get, and expanding knowledge about rare diseases to other undergraduates is a great way of doing that.

Furthermore, we were privileged to become familiar with medical records, which will definitely aid my work as a physician. Also, the awareness of NP-C has sparked my interest to become an advocate for people who suffer from rare diseases. I am privileged to be currently taking an expansion course of this class, which will further help my advocating for rare disease families. I look forward to using my knowledge from these courses to make a difference in the rare disease community and become a more caring and aware physician.

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