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Posted by PLOS_ONE_Group on 16 Mar 2012 at 22:27 GMT

The following article represents some of the media coverage that has occurred for this paper:

Publication: LiveScience
Title: “Ancient Armored Fish Downs Flying Reptile | Fossilized Pterosaur & Ancient Predators | LiveScience”

Publication: Times of India
Title: “Ancient fish pays with life for snaring flying dinosaurs - Times Of India”

Publication: Zee News
Title: “Ancient fossilised fish found downing Pterosaur”

Publication: Daily Mail
Title: “Fighting till the end: Fossilised remains show ancient fish died in the act of eating flying reptile | Mail Online”

Publication: Gizmodo
Title: “Jurassic Blood Fest Frozen Forever In Stone Shrivels Me Testis”

Publication: Discover Magazine Not Exactly Rocket Science
Title: “Jurassic fail: fish accidentally snags pterosaur, and both die | Not Exactly Rocket Science | Discover Magazine”

Publication: Geekosystem
Title: “Pterosaur and Fish Fossils Found Locked in Deadly Embrace | Geekosystem”

Publication: Discover Magazine 80beats
Title: “Pterosaurs Were on the Menu For Ancient Fish and Dinosaurs | 80beats | Discover Magazine”

If you see any additional coverage of this paper in the press or blogosphere, please reply to this thread and add the link to the article.

Competing interests declared: PLoS ONE Staff