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Low-impact active outdoor recreation & conservation support?

Posted by Radmap on 08 Oct 2009 at 21:32 GMT

It would be quite worthwhile to extend the study to include user groups practicing low-impact active outdoor recreational activities, such as orienteering, climbing, mountain biking, and adventure racing.

Although conservation NGO's are known to often block access to land under their purview to such groups, most data collected by groups such as the Outdoor Industry Association indicate that active recreationists fit the demographic profile cited in this article for hikers and backpackers far better than the profile for those fishing or hunting.

If this is true, than the results of the current study could be extended to say that the efforts of conservation NGO's to restrict low-impact recreational and sporting activities are highly counter-productive to their stated mission of increasing support for conservation.

Presumably this would also be true of government agencies at local, state and federal levels, if restricting access to public lands tends to reduce support for public land funding and conservation.

Competing interests declared: Member of the Board of Directors of the (non-profit) US Orienteering Federation.