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Politicians are the same the world over...

Posted by Faqtman on 05 Feb 2010 at 10:08 GMT

I read this very interesting publication about recognising political affiliations in the faces of politicians.
Intrigued by your research, I wrote a story about it on the Dutch popular science blog In this article I wondered whether the results would be the same with Dutch politicians.
I asked our readers to look at six pictures of Dutch politicians and tell us which ones were right- or left-wing (see Of course, my little poll was completely unscientific - a /light /version of the American test. But to the surprise of our editorial team we got quite a few reactions and a remarkable result. Almost 64 percent of those who responded put the right political colour on the right politician.
Our respondents seemed to find it easier to pick the right
party when it comes to men.
Just letting you know that politicians are the same the world over!

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