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Posted by ajaynarendra on 17 Oct 2013 at 22:28 GMT

There are four incorrect references in the Bibliography. Please replace references of # 21, 51, 52 and 53 with

21. Narendra A, Raderschall CA, Robson SKA (2013) Homing abilities of the Australian intertidal ant <i>Polyrhachis sokolova<i>. Journal of Experimental Biology: 216, 3674-3681.

51. Leggett LMW, Stavenga DG (1981) Diurnal changes in angular sensitivity of crab photoreceptors. Journal of Comparative Physiology 144: 99-109.

52. Nässel DR, Waterman TH (1979) Massive diurnally modulated photoreceptor membrane turnover in crab light and dark-adaptation. Journal of Comparative Physiology 131: 205-216.

53. Williams DS (1982) Ommatidial structure in relation to turnover of photoreceptor membrane in the locust. Cell and Tissue Research 225: 595-617.

This does NOT change the citations within the manuscript.

Sincere apologies to the readers.

on behalf of all authors, Ajay Narendra

No competing interests declared.