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Parents have an obligation to help nurture and develop talent of their children

Posted by pfpuech on 05 Aug 2011 at 09:42 GMT

The way Stefano Allesina chooses to make the research concerning academic world has a probability to be fair extremely low. I just have to recall the case of Chopin's family that was musically talented.
Chopin's father played the flute and violin; his mother played the piano and gave lessons to her children as well and to the boys in the elite boarding house that the Chopin’s maintained. As a result Frederic, the couple's second child and only son , had the eldest child Ludwika as his second piano teacher and became conversant with music in its various forms at an early age. and http://independent.academ...

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RE: Parents have an obligation to help nurture and develop talent of their children

nicoM replied to pfpuech on 29 Aug 2011 at 11:47 GMT

I think the way to recall the Chopin's family example is not fair enough. Although there are many examples also cited in the article (Curie's family etc.- and we could add more), the nepotism is a phenomena that has nothing to do with many of such examples. The usage of public resource and money for family interests (permit that one family component will get permanent position or funding), the fact that family members share articles and power in order to form a hierarchical system in public position remind the castes of many political systems (present in the past and nowadays) instead that a obvious family help. A stimulating family environment (probably crucial in the cases cited in the articles and in Chopin's event) is perfectly normal and understandable and should not be confused with abuses in order to force career promotion that have nothing to do with talents develop. I personally know many valid researchers coming from family of researchers where such situation helped them in order to make good choices in crucial moments, get precious advices, get easily stimulus from early periods etc. nevertheless they do not work in the same country, university, faculty, department and, above all, they do not share articles name with their family members.

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