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Referee Comments: Referee 1 (René Marc Mège)

Posted by PLOS_ONE_Group on 21 Aug 2007 at 17:04 GMT

Reviewer 1's Review (René Marc Mège)

“The present manuscript by Ivanov and collaborators tackles the role of MyosinII isoforms in the formation of the epithelial apical junctional complex (adherens and tight junctions). It provides for the first time a clear demonstration by unambiguous non pharmacological approach (Si RNAs) of the role of Myosin II in this process. It further clearly shows that this role is the unique contribution of Myosin IIA. The experiments proposed are well conducted with appropriate controls and the conclusions are supported by the presented data. This paper clearly bring new information's and notably clarifies the field.”

N.B. These are the general comments made by the reviewer when reviewing this paper in light of which the manuscript was revised. Specific points addressed during revision of the paper are not shown.