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Publisher's Note: Missing collaborators

Posted by PLOS_ONE_Group on 29 Oct 2010 at 18:52 GMT

Specimens were identified to species using keys [33], [67]–[78] or were identified by experts

Several key collaborators were omitted. The correct collaboration list is: "Stefan Cover - Solenopsis; Shawn T. Dash - Hypoponera; Stephanie Johnson - Azteca; John Lattke - Leptogenys; Scott Powell - Cephalotes; Brian Fisher - Amblyopone; Gordon Snelling - Ecitoninae; Minsheng Wang - Dacetines; John Longino - Crematogaster, Wasmannia; William Mackay - Camponotus, Pachycondyla; Ted Schultz – Apterostigma, Cyphomyrmex, Mycocepurus, Sericomyrmex, Trachymyrmex; Jeffery Sosa-Calvo - Myrmicocrypta, Pyramica, Strumigenys; James Trager – Nylanderia; Phil Ward - Pseudomyrmex."

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