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The Golden Beauty: Brain Response to Classical and Renaissance Sculptures

Posted by DrLanghein on 27 Nov 2007 at 17:02 GMT

This research work complies with a future major break-through in bridging natural sciences with humanties, intrinsic knowledge of man with the ecology of global survival & sustainability, with aesthetics science, design theories, etc. This break-through will be realized, sooner or later, as the begin of a new paradigm of humanities in general, since it is starts to set an end to the extremely influential reasoning of Th.S. KUHN (1962), The Structure of Scientific Revolution, Chicago. I will explain this later more in detail. Additionally, is sets to an end the unfortunate dissection of subjectivity and objectivity in terms of reasoning, judgments, evaluations, assessments etc. in all fields of aesthetics, arts, beauty. Beauty, as PLATO and GOETHE stressed, is principally an objective fact, not only a subjective, scientifically not provable assertion. Or merely a Romantic utterance, emotion without any weight.