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Updated Figure 11

Posted by PLOS_ONE_Group on 14 Jan 2008 at 18:32 GMT

Distribution of path curvature during near-zero speed segments in the Central Zone (black line) and the Rim Zone (red line).B

The author has provided the following updates for Figure 11. An updated version of this figure is available for download here:

Due to a software error, Figure 11 incorrectly portrayed the data it was meant to display.

In the updated version, the distribution of path curvature for near zero speed segments are much wider than those for finite speed segments (Fig. 10). This suggests that the near-zero segments of this particular fly are characterized by a large range of curvatures, from very straight paths to very sharp turns. This behavior is enhanced in the Rim Zone—sharp turns are much more likely here than in the Central Zone, which is consistent with a description of the fly exploring the arena walls. Bin size: 0.2 cm^-1