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a question for the authors

Posted by Rexvitro on 03 Sep 2013 at 01:30 GMT

I would just like a clarification: On page 3, within the results section for Experiment 1, it is stated "...consistent with our expectations, the Checking subscale of the OCI was the sole predictor of the Incongruent-Congruent RT difference scores..." This result is also mentioned in the abstract. But at the end of the Introduction, the authors are predicting that the degree of interference in the OC-CIT test would be associated with "...reports of Ordering behavior on the OCI" (NOT checking). Also, in the discussion (page 8, first 2 lines), it is stated that the association of disgust with asymmetry was "...related to the subjective experience of preferences for order (as measured by the OCI)..."
Were the reaction time differences predicted by the ordering or by the checking subscale scores?

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