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Artyom Kopp's evaluation of this article at the Faculty of 1000 Biology

Posted by NiyazAhmed on 29 Jun 2008 at 09:05 GMT

Artyom Kopp (University of California, United States of America) has commented on this article. His/her insightful remarks are as follows:

"This paper will revive the interest in a very unusual species of Drosophila that feeds on the secretions of land crabs - D. endobranchia from the Grand Cayman Island. Following up on Hampton Carson's work, the authors describe the ecology and behavior of this species and determine its phylogenetic position. Drosophila, while commonly known as "fruit flies", exploit a wide variety of food sources, and crab feeding in particular has evolved at least three times in different Drosophila lineages".


1) Artyom Kopp: Faculty of 1000 Biology, 18 Apr 2008 http://www.f1000biology.c...

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