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Suggestion: differential games

Posted by jherre41 on 01 Feb 2014 at 09:53 GMT

It is a very stimulating work. I only would like to contribute giving some interesting next steps. Why not to consider a couple as a game? In your context, it will be a "differential game". The main idea is that the parameter values of the differential equation (and those involved in the objective functional) could be different per player. In addition, the way the couple understands its relationship could be different as well (depending on its own psychology). In a quick way, i can understand a "cooperative couple" in which they interact in a Pareto Frontier type, a Stackelberg one (in which there is a leader and a follower) or a Nash one (in which they have a very competitive role)... Perhaps this insights could be appreciated by the author for next steps!

Competing interests declared: Differential games, Numerical Methods.