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explanation and implementation

Posted by gerjan01 on 11 Mar 2013 at 15:49 GMT

very interesting study
could it be that the effect is caused by having to carry your own body weight? if thats the case standing up or climbing the stairs would do as well.
6 hours of walking around won't be implemented in an office day, but 5 minutes every hour of standing up and getting a coffee or walking up the stairs might just do the trick? combined with some intensive training?
i has also been reported that intensive weight training has a longer lasting effect on the metabolism. it would be nice to have a regime that has the same positive effect and can be incorporated in an "office life"

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RE: explanation and implementation

Bernard_Duvivier replied to gerjan01 on 11 Mar 2013 at 20:28 GMT

Dear Gerjan01,

it is indeed important for health that the muscles of the legs get activated. A possible explanation for some of the health benefits may be the role of lipoprotein lipase (LPL) which is already activated by standing and walking. A combination of enough "not sitting" by standing, (slow) walking and intensive training is probably most ideal. Research about more minimal intensity physical activity in "office life" is published by Alkhaja et al. (Am J Prev Med 2012;43(3):298 –303). Alkhaja and colleagues showed that the introduction of a "sit-stand workstation" in an office based workplace led to an increase of 78 minutes per day "non sitting time" after three months. Sitting was almost exclusively replaced by standing. Relative to the comparison group, in the intervention group HDL cholesterol increased by an average of 0.26 mmol/L (95% CI 0.10, 0.42). More standing alone may thus already be important to decrease (and break up) sitting time.

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