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Publisher's Note: Minor Correction to Acknowledgments

Posted by PLOS_ONE_Group on 22 Oct 2010 at 23:03 GMT

We thank Terry Erwin for the canopy samples

Several key people were left out of the Acknowledgments section. The author wishes the Acknowledgments section to read:
"We thank Terry Erwin for the canopy samples. We are grateful to Stefan Cover for training in ant taxonomy, assistance with identifications and sharing his knowledge of ant ecology. We thank Shawn Dash, David Donoso, Brian Fisher, Stephanie Johnson, John Lattke, John Longino, Bill Mackay, Scott Powell, Ted Schultz, Gordon Snelling, Jeffrey Sosa-Calvo, James Trager, Minsheng Wang, and Phil Ward for assistance in species identifications. Dr. Rob Dunn and two anonymous reviewers provided helpful comments on the manuscript. We thank Kelly Swing and the other directors and staff of Tiputini Biodiversity Station for assistance in the field. Brian Henry, Noah Reid, Amanda Brenneman, and Scott Appleby assisted with ant sampling. David Donoso, Pablo Araujo, Paulina Rosero, Van Le, Helen Mary Sheridan, Stephanie Chu, Adina Rusakov and Winston McDonald provided valuable assistance in the laboratory. We thank Johnathan Perry for his assistance in the construction of the subterranean probes and Piotr Naskrecki for his assistance with the MANTIS software package for collection data management. The study complies with the current laws of the countries in which it was performed."

No competing interests declared.