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Season of birth, body, mind and behaviour

Posted by jfturmel on 18 Jun 2010 at 20:42 GMT

I published a theory enabling to explain what was observed by hundreds of researchers worldwide, individuals of human populations born more or less during seasonal periods displaying some physical, mental and behavioural attributes, the theory is stating that different genotypes, or alleles, found in individuals of human populations, are engendering individuals of the different genders displaying different physical, mental and behavioural phenotypes at different ages during different seasonal periods following a birth in different seasonal periods, the human genome of a developing individual considering the gender, the age and the seasonal period during which is the individual he is engendering to engender phenotypes or not in the individual during development, genes of the genome appearing to consider these entities to engender the highest number of individuals possible in an environment according to the resources available for individuals of populations, resources necessary for this varying according to seasons, concrete observations are found in my work published in scientific conferences, the theory should enable to predict and prevent phenotypes such as diseases, deaths and antisocial behaviours as well as predicting superior mental and behavioural aptitudes and reproductive behaviours of individuals of populations.

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