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rat's ass

Posted by psychosemioticus on 03 Aug 2013 at 00:55 GMT

Regarding the breakthrough BBI (brain-to-brain) hookup through focused ultrasound computer technology (human-to-mouse), bravo!

However, as psychosemiotician by trade ;-) , I must comment on what could be called "textualist fabulism". You see, psychosemiotics breaks down signs S* used in actual conscious communication-exchanges into: 1. text, communicating intention; and 2. the empirical token exemplifying it. Now nothing, if I may say so, connects what goes on in a human BCI event, connected with images or thoughts of tail-wagging rat, and the CBI event resulting in that rat's ass moving. Lets get serious guys. The tail wagging wasn't from mind reading Jack's amygdala. That's projecting textual meaning, or ideas, along the synaptic paths the tokens take. But, with quantum computing now available,this brings BBI technology close enough to the masses for the text-token confusion, itself, to scare the crap out of youse.

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