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Some doubt on Figure 4

Posted by SHORT on 15 Nov 2011 at 02:00 GMT

1. The error bars in Figs. 4C,D are identical across all the polarization angles, probably a mistake.
2. With two different cells that has such a different R-(log I) responses (Figs. 4E,F), it is hard to understand how Figs. C,D could be this symmetrical.
3. Curves in Fig 4H are almost identical to the R-(log I)l (solid triangle) curve in Fig 4G. For a cell that maximally sensitive to circularly polarized light of a particular handedness, its responses to linearly polarized light should be somewhere in the middle of the two curves in Fig 4G.

Competing interests declared: I also work on polarization vision of stomatopod crustaceans.