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Did the authors try to culture the strain of the uncultured genome (possibly culturable)?

Posted by phaeno on 29 Jan 2007 at 10:32 GMT

The main point of this article is to compare the (controversial) Sargasso Sea [?] genome assembled from a metagenomic sequencing project (culture-independent). But along the text of the article, it is clear (as it was) that the Burkholderia genome assembled it is very likely culturable. Did the authors do some effort to isolate and culture the bacteria from the source? (seemingly the waste disposal pipe of the boat?). This would be the first, easy and obvious experiment to perform to actually convert the status of the “hypothetical entity” the authors argue this assembled genome was, to a real experimental organism of interest (if any interest in particular, not apparent to me). I respectfully think that the conclusions of this manuscript are too obvious compared to the conclusions of previous reports or comments (ref. De Long), and adds little to our understanding of Burkholderia complex. In conclusion: it is similar to compare another strain of a known Burkholderia species but only using the results of a -very expensive- mistake of the Sargasso sampling survey in that site.