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RE: Response to query re preparation of slides for LCM

Posted by hgainer on 28 Aug 2013 at 17:42 GMT

My response is:

We do not wash the slides with water, & I don't recall any opaqueness that interfered with the LCM.
You could also consult the first author, M. Humerick via msteven8@mix.wvu.ed

We use the following protocol, the first wash is in 75% ethanol as follows:
1. Using the solutions prepared on the day of use, in a fume hood perform the following steps:
a. 75% Ethanol for 30 sec
b. 95% Ethanol for 5 sec
c. 100% Ethanol for 5 sec
d. 100% Ethanol for 5 sec
e. Xylene for 30 sec
f. Allow Xylene to completely evaporate
i. This usually takes 2-5 min.

The above is written in Table S2 in Supplements.

Good luck,
H. Gainer

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